Pembaland’s mission is to lead and facilitate real estate developments which enable investment and core service activities for the oil & gas sector. Pembaland’s developments are sensitive to the tremendous natural landscapes and developing social environments of Cabo Delgado.

Pemba City, the Capital of Cabo Delgado Province, is the cornerstone of the Mozambique’s hydrocarbon future. Pemba is the upstream operational hub of the oil & gas operators exploring and developing these enormous natural resource finds, with Palma the future location of one of the world’s largest LNG facilities.

Companies in Cabo Delgado require properties to deliver residential, commercial and industrial developments. Pembaland combines several decades of real estate development, property management, finance and hospitality experience in Mozambique. The 100+ hectare portfolio of properties in Pemba and Palma provides a unique starting point for interested parties looking to position services and operations for the Rovuma Basin developments.

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Stark beauty is met with unparalleled investment opportunities in the extractive industries; the gas resource in the Rovuma Basin made up 40% of worldwide gas discoveries in 2012.