Palma - Afungi Development

The now famous Rovuma basin gas resource will likely be exported to world markets through a liquified natural gas (LNG) facility based on the Southern coastline of the Palma bay. The FEED contracts have been awarded, and a final investment decision is expected by Anadarko and Exxon in Q2 2019. The current projections for the project see first gas by 2023.

The two train LNG plant projected by Anadarko-led Area 1 Golfinho expects to deliver 12 mmtpa, while the Exxon-led Area 4 Mamba project includes double mega trains delivering 15 mmtpa.

Palma town, with less than 20,000 inhabitants will see an significant increase. Some estimates are that there will be 30,000 people employed directly for the LNG project’s onshore and offshore components at the peak of development, and that is just for one of the two proposed projects.

The People of Palma

Palma should increase significantly in size, as employment becomes available. Key to local development will be the extent to which local labour is to hired for the available job postings.

As attacks in and around Palma have gained pace since late 2017, there will need to be a sustained positive impact by the gas projects that will need to take place in Palma, with its people and communities. It is not only about monetizing gas that provides development, those close to and affected must be supported in order to be organized and socially aware of the sustainable economic development of Palma.

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The two-train 10mmtpa development will propel mozambique to the ranks of top-3 LNG exporter in the world behind Qatar and Australia.

Seaside view of the landing site for the future LNG project on the Palma coastline.