Our Real Estate

For residential developments, we have real estate in high-end markets where demand for houses and complexes is robust. For commercial usage, the areas under title are located near the city center, port and airport.

Our real estate for industrial developments is located on the road into Pemba near the current industrial locations of the major oil exploration companies (EN106).

Pembaland companies own title to over 100 hectares of property in Pemba and Cabo Delgado. There is sufficient diversity in our portfolio to appeal to the majority of entities and/or individuals seeking exposure to Pemba’s imminent hydrocarbon driven economic growth. Asset monetization, co-development and long-term lease agreements are the most common ways we engage with interested parties.

We also hold title to real estate in other areas of Cabo Delgado, namely Mocimboa da Praia and Palma. These less-developed cities are locations further north of Pemba, closer to where the LNG and mis-stream developments and logistics are to take place.

Our Developments / Properties

Our projects are currently undergoing different stages of development. They are in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Please contact us further for information.

Embondeiro Villas is Pembaland’s first Residential development set in the Maringanha neighborhood.