Pembaland Solutions

Pembaland understands how daunting the real estate acquisition, development and commercialization process is in Mozambique. We get it, we can do it, and do it properly. We provide the following solutions:

1. Turnkey Properties - Bespoke accommodation, office, commercial and industrial properties.

2. Land Acquisition & Transactions - We provide land acquisition services, be that through our existing portfolio or executing your purchase on properties available on the market. If our property portfolio does not match your needs, we can source other available properties and provide transaction execution services on these properties.

3. Property Management - Services for the sites and infrastructure: maintenance, cleaning, administration etc.

4. Acquisitions & Leasing - Purchase, rental and passing of title for all types of properties.

5. Integrated Support Services - Delivery of basic services (catering, laundry, fleet and safety) through integrated packages.

Masterplan for Pemba residential development.